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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Serger up and running! :)

I'm so happy my serger if finally up and running.  I got the new blades put into it last night and got it all threaded up today :)

I was so inspired by having my serger going that I started on the quilted pot holders I have had the pieces cut out for together.  Its looking great and I'm making my own bias tape for it so everything will match.

Its been a busy day but hey at least I'm knocking a few things off my list and getting more items done for my etsy site.  Speaking of my etsy site I sold a pair of adult monster eye slippers today too!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Adding new things to my arsenal :)

So I have managed to make enough money to expand the things I have aval to me for making things.  I have found a surger and only had to by new blades for it (which came in today!!) and a knitting machine :) I am loving having a knitting machine its let me start to create beautiful scarves, sweaters, hats, etc.

I will now be able to added more knit items and now sewen items to my etsy shop!  I am hoping that this will help expand my business even more :)

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Things still progressing

Well things are still slowly progressing.  I have managed to pick up a knitting machine and a serger for cheap so I'm hoping that those two things will help out with making some nice things fast to sell on my Etsy site.

I have sold  a few moose hats that I started crocheting but it wasn't through my site, so my quest to generate some sales on there is still on going :)

I'll keep posting on how things are going!  Remember to stop by and check out my site too!!