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Monday, 5 September 2011

A little jump in business!!

Alright so the site is up and running great!  Again the link is http://www.etsy.com/shop/sweetashoneycreation incase anyone wants to check it out lol.

I also recently went in and spoke with a business in Penticton BC about possibly getting a few of my things put in their store for sale.  They agreed to put in my baby hats that look like pumpkins, carrots, blueberries, etc.!!  So the first order is a trial run I need to make her up about 8 hats in total with business cards and care instructions.  I am so excited!  I hope things go well and that this could be an opportunity for me to expand my business a little more!  Its not much of a start but hey you have to start somewhere right?  I currently have 3 hats of the 8 done, so I am getting there.  Its a lot of work but I so hope it pays off in the end, I love crafting things and it would be awesome if I could stay at home with my little guy and use my crafts as a means of income :)

Anyway I just wanted to give a quick up date on the situations and how things are going.  As soon as I get all the hats ready and at the shop I will let everyone know where you can find them.  In the meantime you can order them all off my website!

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